Wednesday 12th February
Polo Vallisnieri
12.00-13.45 Registration
13.45-14.15 Congress Opening
14.15-15.00 PL1: Antonio Abate
Novel materials for stable perovskite solar cells
15.00-15.30 KN1: Piercarlo Mustarelli
Beyond lithium-ion batteries: the key role of the electrolyte
15.30-16.00 Coffee Break
Electrochemistry and
electrocatalysis (I)
Photoassisted Processes &
Solar Fuels (I)
16.00-18.20 O1 O8
O2 O9
O3 O10
O4 O11
O5 O12
O6 O13
O7 O14
19.45-21.15 Welcome Party
Sala Rossini (Caffé Pedrocchi)
Thursday 13th February
Polo Vallisnieri
8.30-9.15 PL2: Vincent Artero
Artificial Photosynthesis: From Multi-Electron Multi Proton Catalysts to Photoelectrochemical Cells
9.15-9.45 KN2: Elio Giamello
Photochemistry and photocatalysis of visible light active (VLA) systems
9.45-10.15 Coffee Break
Electrochemistry and
electrocatalysis (II)
Photoassisted Processes &
Solar Fuels (II)
10.15-13.15 O15 O24
O16 O25
O17 O26
O18 O27
O19 O28
O20 O29
O21 O30
O22 O31
O23 O32
13.15-14.15 Lunch
14.15-14.45 KN3: Maximilian Fleischer
The future energy system and its links via electrochemistry to the energy in molecules
14.45-15.15 KN4: Eric Daniel Głowacki
Nanocrystalline organic semiconductor photocatalysts – a dominance of oxygen reduction reactions
15.15-15.45 Coffee Break
New Methods 2D materials
15.45-17.05 O33 O37
O34 O38
O35 O39
O36 O40
17.05-18.15 Poster Session
(Spritz drink)
19.15 Bus Departure
for Villa Sagredo
20.00-20.45 Concert (Trio)
20.45-23.00 Social Dinner
Friday 14th February
Polo Vallisnieri
8.30-9.15 PL3: Marc Koper
Advances and challenges in understanding the electrocatalytic conversion of carbon dioxide to fuels
9.15-9.45 KN5: Simona Bennici
Thermochemical heat storage: issues, solutions and applications
9.45-10.15 Coffee Break
Energy Storage Circular Economy and sustainability
10.15-12.55 O41 O49
O42 O50
O43 O51
O44 O52
O45 O53
O46 O54
O47 O55
O48 O56
13.00-14.15 Lunch
14.15-15.00 PL4: Stefano Passerini
Li-ion batteries: from High Energy to Sustainability
15.00-15.35 KN6: Enerchem Premium
and Poster Prizes
15.35-16.00 Coffee Break
Photoassisted Processes &
Solar Fuels (III)
16.00-17.40 O57 O62
O58 O63
O59 O64
O60 O65
O61 O66
17.40 Congress Closing

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